Breitling: a box teaching to discover all the secrets of a chrono House

bullet imagebullet imageIn order to discover its customers all the know-how required for the design of a Breitling watch, independent watchmaker has, in its exclusive shops, a valuable tool... A beautiful teaching box leather sheltering five removable drawers that show in detail, all the components of a chrono to the winged "B". A beautiful way to enhance his knowledge of horology!

In the space of a few years, Breitling, inaugurated more than thirty new stores around the world. From Paris to New York via Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Miami, Las Vegas... The brand with the winged "b" is installed in the largest and most beautiful cities in the world.

With each time, the same decor, the same furniture (studied in detail), the same paintings on the wall, the same colors, the same trinkets codes... A universe Tag heuer replica naturally very turned to the air and a clean atmosphere to this independent, family-run watchmaker who invented the chronograph (with its two buttons) as we know still...

Since June, 2012, Breitling is also present in Paris. And not just any where! Indeed, the watchmaker settled peace street there where all the biggest luxury watchmakers combine to Place Vendome. It is undoubtedly the ideal place to discover the timepieces of the brand. Indeed, the Breitling team is always ready to welcome you in this beautiful space, very clear, that exposes permanently all collections Breitling, Breitling for Bentley and more, some limited editions dedicated to exclusive stores!

To better understand the philosophy of this brand, shop managers have a unique object of its kind: a box brown leather stamped with the Breitling logo which contains all the components necessary for the realization of a watch. Each store has this educational tool which also allows novices (but more savvy customers) better understanding of the complexity and the different stages of the manufacture of a Breitling chrono.

More specifically, this brown leather Briefcase lined with beige felt consists of five removable drawers. Each of them being restricted to a specific part of the Watch: naturally, it begins with a "burst" of the B01 calibre. Incidentally, if you want to recognize for sure a Breitling with movement "manufacture", simply to observe the dial... If the logo appears in relief in white or yellow gold, it means that the watch is equipped with the calibre home.

Then with the second plateau, it passes to the different stages of the manufacture of a steel antimagnetic 316L case. This drawer allows to understand the process of machining of housings and Sapphire glasses Breitling...The draft of the stature is first cut in a metal bar. A succession of strikes at ever higher pressures gives the housing its final form. Before each keystroke, the middle part is heated to about 1100 ° C in order to relax and rebalance the material. Then comes the machining, alternating between the machine and the hand of man. After welding of patches, cases receive their finishes: polishing, satin, or blasting.

Breitling watches are equipped with caseback Sapphire with anti-reflective treatment on both sides. Synthetic sapphire (hardest material after diamond) is made based on alumina (aluminium oxide). Its merger takes place at 2050 ° C, with intake of oxygen and hydrogen Replica Watches. Should be about 15 hours for "corundum" (crystallized alumina) is formed, as a stalagmite. The stones are then annealed at a temperature of 1800 ° C to stabilize the material. Corundum are cut using diamond blades.

Machining of glass continues by grinding the diameter with an accuracy of 2/100 mm, then surfacing (thickness adjustment). The domed ice form is obtained by grinding of the upper and lower surfaces. After the bevel angles, allowing adaptation to the housing, the Sapphire undergoes a chemical polishing on both sides. He was then transferred to a sterile laboratory (White House) where it passes in an oven for anti-reflective treatment through a very elaborate process of evaporation under vacuum. This treatment on both sides eliminates 99% of glare perceived by the eye.

The third shelf plunges us into the heart of the dials! These are cut in a brass plate, where it drills holes and ATMs. They are then polished and "set color" thanks to treatment by coating or electroplating (principle of electrolysis). The markings are meanwhile, printed using heads silicone coated with ink, with passages in the oven. The Breitling symbol is stamped in a band of gold 18 ct with an accuracy of 1/100 mm, and then sand, cut and polished.

The needles are also cut into a strip of brass in several successive stages - including three for the Breitling symbol. They are then machined by dressing. The canon on which the needle will be riveted is machined in three metres long brass bars with a CNC machine. After drilling, the tiny (0.25 mm internal diameter, external diameter 0.5 mm) guns are carefully controlled.

The finish of the needle is obtained by galvanic treatment requiring several steps: leaching, degreasing, pre-rhodium plating and rhodium plating (or Browning), not to mention the many rinses. Manufacturing ends with the installation of the material glow, followed by a Visual inspection.

The fourth and fifth shelves address the design of metal bracelets (made in-house) or leather (made by a subcontractor). So they withstand pull and twisting forces to which they will be subjected daily, the brand has developed means of production as well as very specific technologies. Various types of links are cut, drilled and profiled in four meter long metal bars using CNC machines. They are then patiently polished by hand before hand-assembled and polished again.

The links and pins are fusion welded (without external inputs) at a temperature of 3400 ° C, which ensures the bracelet exceptional durability. All bracelets are equipped with etampes clasps and massive tips, which helps enhance durability. After a 'surface' (control) aesthetic, are mounted on the two strands of the bracelet clasp and tips. Breitling also offers a wide range of leather straps with all the know-how of the specialized craftsmen.

With this educational, unique set in the universe of luxury watch, Breitling has for sure a beautiful asset to discover in detail, all the different elements that constitute a Chronomat chrono. Yohann Le Calvez, Deputy Director of the shop and watchmaker of training, will be happy to explain the many essential steps in the manufacture of a worthy of the name timepiece. Caution however... You "may" strong out of the store with a Breitling wrist...

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